Jewellery Tattoos & Little Ondine Nail Lacquer

When winter suddenly arrives and the icy weather forces us to cover almost every inch of skin, temporary hand tattoos are a great accessory choice! No hand tattoo would look complete without the perfect manicure to match and that’s why I’ve been testing out some Little Ondine nail varnishes in preparation for the frosty months ahead:
The first thing I fell in love with when I initially discovered Little Ondine was how individual their website is. Every colour comes with its own story, making each nail varnish feel unique and giving you an insight into the inspiration behind its creation. As well as a creative story, Little Ondine provides its online customers with a mood board and swatches for each colour. The swatches, in particular, are a huge plus point in my opinion as (I have discovered from nail varnishes in the past) the colour in the bottle isn’t always what you thought it would be once applied to the nail itself.
Exploring the website quickly made me realise Little Ondine’s passion for its product and this is reflected in the qualities of the varnish itself. Little Ondine nail Lacquers consist of all natural ingredients and (whilst also causing less damage) means that there is no chemical smell. Another great feature of this product is that when you are ready to remove your manicure, you can simply peel it off and start again!
I tested out three different autumn/winter inspired colours and got creative with some hand tattoo designs to finish off the look:
Smoky Mountain – ‘Rounding the bend of the trail, the next sight takes her breath away. Fog rolls off the smoky mountain as the sun shines through the clouds and burns away the dew. She inhales deeply, thrilled to be alive.’ : With this mid-grey colour, I embrace the gloomy British weather and have paired this sophisticated manicure with some golden tattoos which are always hugely popular during party season!
Sweet Liquor – ‘It was an amaretto-on-the-rocks kind of night. She spun the cap off the bottle and poured herself a glass of the fragrant almond liqueur. She cozied up with her drink and her latest magazine and enjoyed the sweet liquor, sip by sip.’ : This Mocha colour has slightly more warmth to it than my previous choice and I think it goes perfectly with a silver jewellery tattoo from the Vandana collection by Bohemian Jewellery Tatoos.
Enchanting ‘She stepped into the bar with beaming confidence and strutted straight to the counter. As she walked, all eyes followed. Her enchanting presence could not be ignored.’: For my final manicure, I was feeling festive and chose this metallic dark red nail lacquer. In the festive spirit, I couldn’t resist adding some finishing touches with this newly released white tattoo collection. The contrast of shimmering crimson nails beside detailed white jewellery tats is a new favourite of mine that I can’t wait to test out in the run up to Christmas!
With gorgeous summer brights and pastels, cool and festive winter tones and glamourous glitter nail lacquer’s all available at, make sure to pay their website a visit ASAP!

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