Ginger Fizz Fashion

When packing to go abroad this year, a few gorgeous garments for warmer nights out are a necessity! However, it seems that no matter how many outfits you have stashed away from previous summers, when that trip to Ibiza is only days away you suddenly realise how unappealing your entire wardrobe is looking. When all high-street stores and online shopping websites have been exhausted, when that suitcase is still worryingly bare and all hope of finding those perfect items seems to have vanished, we might just have the answer to your prayers! …
[‘In a Whirl’ playsuit]

Ginger Fizz is a fashion brand that I stumbled across a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to stop obsessing over since! From pretty playsuits to elegant maxi dresses, you will fall in love with their range of garments and soon have several of them in your drawers at home.
[‘I’m a Believer’ dress]

Ginger Fizz’s summer collection is all about light, bright and beautiful colours and stunning features such as lace detailing. The ‘Dreamer’ maxi pictured below is a perfect example of how Ginger Fizz has once again created the perfect summer garment by pairing an interesting backless design with a vivid pink, green and purple floral print.
[‘The Dreamer’ maxi dress]
Priced around £45, adding some Ginger Fizz to the contents of your suitcase this summer is an easy choice to make! Follow them on Instagram @gingerfizzfashion or visit their Facebook page where you can find a list of all their stockists such as Pushka Fashion Boutique

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