Visiting the Hippy Markets of Ibiza

If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza this summer, you may already be aware of all the gorgeous fashion outlets there are offering you the perfect summer wardrobe. Many well-known brands such as Oasis and Zara can be found in Ibiza town but what you may not know is that if you explore the island a little more, you might just discover a shopaholic’s pop-up paradise offering items that are far more unique.
Every Wednesday in Es Cana or Las Dalias and every Saturday in San Carlos, plots of dried-up land erupt into colour as the sun rises and painted wooden stalls and patchwork tents appear from nowhere.
 The Hippy Markets in Ibiza are a must-see for every shopper seeking interesting fashion items that you wont find in every H&M across the globe. From embroidered bohemian dresses to sterling silver bracelets and handmade leather satchels, the variety of stunning pieces that you will be desperate to take home with you is overwhelming
The moment that you step into the labyrinth of stalls and become entranced by the live music and tasty Mojitos usually on offer, prepare to spend far more than you initially intended. So pack up your Euros, spend a sunny afternoon in paradise and pray that you can afford the bus fare home once that colourful mirage has finished with you and disappeared into the ground again until next week!
[A sterling silver ring and leather satchel I couldn’t resist buying
whilst at the Hippy Market in Las Dalias]

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