Pucker Up & Try This Sugar Scrub

We’ve all had that moment where we check our reflection in the rear-view mirror before exiting the car and feel horrified as we notice just how dry and cracked our lips have recently become. The winter weather hasn’t been kind to our skin and it’s starting to show! Unfortunately, coating the area with Vaseline doesn’t always solve this issue and we are often left desperately scraping at the skin with one of our nails in order to remove the unsightly flakes before anyone catches sight of us.

The problem with applying balm on dry lips is that the formula acts as a barrier and whilst this helps to lock in moisture and prevent the skin from becoming any dryer, it will not rehydrate the dead skin that has already formed. For gorgeous, flake free lips this spring, exfoliation is key. This will lift off all of the damage and leave you with a soft, lipstick ready pout that you won’t have to feel ashamed about!

IMG_2675A gentle exfoliating scrub is the perfect solution to your peeling problems and when it comes to this, the Lush Lip Scrub seems to be an overwhelming favourite in the beauty blogging world. This product consists of all natural ingredients and comes in a range of different flavours (mint, bubblegum and popcorn). The main ingredient in this tasty little pot is simply castor sugar and because of this, it’s actually pretty easy to make at home yourself!


What You Will Need:

  •  Castor sugar
  • Honey
  • Flavouring (e.g. vanilla extract)
  • Coconut oil if desired

3 Simple Steps:

1. Put 2 heaped teaspoons of castor sugar into a small mixing bowl. As well as being temptingly sweet, sugar is great for exfoliating the delicate skin on your lips and completely safe to consume.


2. Add 1 small teaspoon of honey or coconut oil. Both of these ingredients will not only bind the sugar together but also help to heal and moisturize the skin beneath


3. Finally, add whatever flavouring you’d like in order to make your scrub taste extra delicious!



Top Tip:

Your homemade lip scrub won’t go off for a good few months so why not store it in a small container to save on making a brand new batch whenever you’re starting to feel a little chapped.

For best results, use a spare toothbrush to apply the product with. This will help with the exfoliating process and make your lips feel extra soft and smooth.

And there you have it! Exfoliate with your new scrub once or twice a week and remember to keep applying your favourite lip balm between uses. Pretty soon your lips will have forgotten all about these windy winter months and be ready for the sunny seasons. So pucker up, try not to eat the entire pot and kiss goodbye to dry lips ruining your smile this spring!


12 thoughts on “Pucker Up & Try This Sugar Scrub

  1. Omg yes, I have been making my own lip scrub like this without the castor sugar (I just use regular sugar) who knew this would be a good dupe for the Lush lip scrub. I have their Valentine lip scrub now, but when I run out, it’s back to this for me! ♥

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