Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos: My New Accessory Addiction!

Remember when Beyonce turned heads late last summer after being snapped wearing some temporary metallic tattoos? Well, it’s fair to say that the world fell in love. Since then, these fabulous pieces of body art have slowly begun to work their way onto dressing tables and into jewellery boxes across the globe.

When it came to accessorizing my outfits, I always seemed to reach for the same old statement necklace and was getting pretty sick of being seen wearing it so often. The amazing thing about jewellery tattoos is that you can wear them how you like and where you like. This means that your accessories can be as creative and extravagant as you want them to be!

Pictured above is the first ever Bohemian Jewellery Tattoo that I tried out, (and isn’t it gorgeous?!). Since I started wearing these metallic designs I have found myself getting into a lot more conversations with strangers. That’s the thing I love most about this emerging trend; it’s so unique and eye-catching that people can’t help but ask about it when they spot your arm shimmering beside them on a night out or even just queuing for a morning coffee!

A day or so after my first application, I looked at the four other Bohemian Tats that had worked their way onto my skin and realized that I was addicted. The easy application process means that it takes all of 30 seconds to apply one and to drastically improve my outfits for the next few days. You simply have to cut out your chosen designs from the tattoo sheet, remove the plastic covering, apply the paper directly to the skin using a damp cloth and peel away to reveal your latest addition.

Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos is a new company providing temporary metallic tattoos that are completely waterproof and can last up to 5 days. There are 12 diverse collections in total, all of which include 4 separate sheets that contain a variety of jewellery designs. The Vandana and Rihanna collections (featured in this article) are two personal favourites of mine, although I can’t wait to try out one of the aqua coloured ranges when I’m on holiday this year.
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After a few days of showing off my designs, when they begin to look a bit faded (or when I want to replace them with something different), all I have to do is use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to wipe them away and start afresh. With this accessory addiction only worsening and warmer months just around the corner, I’ll undoubtedly be covered in Bohemian Tats throughout the whole of summer 2015! What collections will you be wearing?

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A Chat With Pure London’s Head of Accessories & Footwear!

I’ve been busy the last few weeks working for the exciting new company Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos! Check out my interview with Pure London’s Head of Accessories and Footwear and keep an eye out for plenty of future posts about this new metallic tattoo brand:

Whether it’s a bright pink hat, a gorgeous fascinator or a pair of metallic shoes, Vicky Ogden’s accessory choices always ensure that she stands out. Over the three days that we spent at Pure, you only had to scan across London Olympia’s grand hall and search for the most striking piece of headwear in order to find her. As you may already know, we love to get creative with our styling, so we couldn’t wait to catch up with her after the show to discover Pure through the eyes of its Head of Accessories and Footwear!

Vicky’s vibrant style seems to be an expression of her bubbly personality. It’s almost as if she is allowing you to get to know her before you’ve even engaged in conversation and because of this, on first impression, she already feels familiar. “I’ve always been quite extravagant” she explained over the phone as she hurriedly packed her bags for an event in Milan this week. “I like to be expressive and am not afraid of colour. Sometimes when I’m waiting for a bus I’ll notice someone smiling at me and I’m sure it’s because of the hat or the shoes that I’m wearing. Fashion should be shared. Communication is what fashion is about.”

Throughout the three-day event, Vicky would often be seen caught up in lively conversation with various exhibitors and visitors to the show. Like a fairy godmother of fashion, she seemed to leave a trail of glitter and good vibes in her wake. Building a friendly and personal connection with each exhibitor is clearly something that she feels extremely passionate about. “I love meeting all of the different brands at the show and finding out their story. I like to think that those exhibiting with us know and trust the people who are representing them. I’ve seen so many new businesses blossom through their involvement with Pure and that’s really rewarding for me.”

When wandering through the show ourselves, we were overwhelmed by the amount of variety there was. Every brand seemed keen on expressing their own unique style. This was something that Vicky was really enthusiastic about. “This year I felt a sense of optimism from designers. They weren’t afraid to go for lots of colour and be a bit different.” Vicky found it hard to choose her favourite exhibitors this year but there were a few that stood out to her! “Tatty Devine’s jewellery was a personal favourite of mine. I bought this wonderful bright necklace from the new collection that looks like a giant paint pallet. You were also a breath of fresh air for us at the show. We’ve never had something like you before and your stand definitely created a buzz.”

Being new to the world of Pure and a new brand on the market, we were keen on receiving some advice from Vicky directed specifically at brands that had recently experienced their first fashion buying event. “Pure provides a great platform for brands to make contacts” she explained. “It’s so important in this industry to network, therefore I always believe that every brand should do at least two shows. People want to know that you’re here to stay. You can also learn a lot from your first show and get something totally new out of the experience the second time around.”

Vicky and her entire team’s passion for Pure is infectious and this is evident by the many brands that choose to return year and year again. On the last day of Pure, I was speaking to a handbag company who were celebrating their 20th appearance at the show and they explained how their experience always seems fresh and exciting every time they visit. “We’ve developed a lot over the past few seasons” Vicky told me. “Fashion never stands still. It’s constantly evolving so we have to work fast to keep up with that.”

Plans for the next event are already under weigh and anticipation is building, especially surrounding the decision to incorporate menswear into the show for the first time. Vicky wasn’t giving too much away but she definitely divulged enough to pique our interest: “Our event in August has a really interesting theme! We’re introducing some new elements that we’re really excited about.” We can’t wait to discover what Pure has in store for us all in five months time and, of course, what stunning accessories Vicky will be wearing at the show!