Lip Voltage Collagen Lip Plumper: Before & After


Since Dreamweave’s Lip Voltage first appeared around a year ago it has been tweeted and Instagrammed about by familiar faces from both Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex. In April of 2014 a tweet from TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong stated that; “A few people have asked me if I’ve had lip fillers…No girls it’s all down to Lip Voltage”. This product is described as a non-injectable peptide collagen lip plumper and works by increasing blood flow to the lips. The swelling/plumping effect claims to last for up to 24 hours although from my own experience I’d say it was realistically only about an hour or two before re-application was necessary.

I’ve always doubted the effectiveness of lip plumpers and thought that they rely heavily on a placebo effect where customers simply feel the tingling/burning sensation and therefore believe that the product has worked. Nevertheless, I was interested in trying out Lip Voltage due to it’s recent social media fame.

Lip Voltage is not currently available in stores so I purchased mine online from Dollywood Boutique for £15.99. The package includes a syringe containing an activating ingredient that enables you to choose how strong you want your lip plumper to be depending on the amount of drops that you mix in with the lip gloss: (1 drop = warm tingle, 2 drops = warm to hot, 3 drops = very hot).

The actual gloss itself comes with a wand applicator and makes your lips really shiny, so purely as a gloss I would say that it’s a nice product. Lip Voltage is a lot stronger than other lip plumpers I have used and its intensity surprised me. After a few minutes of applying the gloss you start to feel your lips burning slightly, a feeling that slowly increases in strength during the first 15 minutes. I would compare it to brushing a really hot chilli across your lips. It’s not unbearable but its definitely a lot more than the ‘tingle’ sensation that the product claims it to be.

The first difference that I noticed between my before and after images below was the change in lip colour. In the after photo my lips are a darker pink due to increased blood circulation in that area which proves that the product is doing its job. I believe that in the second photograph you can see an improvement in fullness and although the results may not be as good as actual fillers (which is to be expected), I would say that Lip Voltage is probably one of the most effective plumping lip glosses on the market.

I would advise anyone lacking lip volume and looking for an instant boost to give this product a try. However, due to the fact that it wore off quickly and didn’t result in a drastic change, Lip Voltage would be more of a night out novelty item for me rather than a make-up must have.


6 thoughts on “Lip Voltage Collagen Lip Plumper: Before & After

  1. Great post! Really notice the difference in your before and after pics! Think I might need to give this product a go! I’ve used urban decay’s ‘big fatty’ which is apparently bee sting extract?! 💖


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