Favourite Seasonal Nail Sparkles & Shades


Before beginning this post properly there is something that I have to confess to you: I am the female Wolverine. I have always been blessed with strong nails that grow ridiculously fast and, if shaped into a sharp enough point, could probably be used as a deadly weapon. However, if you’re not so fortunate I have seen these varnishes look just as great on shorter nails!

This winter I’ve decided to steer away from the traditional deep red shades that I have always reached for in the past and chosen far more neutral colours made eye-catching by glittery overcoats. Here are a few of my favourite nail varnishes at the moment:

IMG_12701.  Lychee Nail Paint by Barry M: £3.99: This nail colour is so gorgeous and perfect on its own or used for a neutral undercoat. It has a creamy-taupe shade that I really like but if you wanted to go for something slightly darker then I’d advise trying Almond in the Barry M range. A great thing about these neutral colours is that they go with anything so you wont have to be removing it to apply something different because your outfit doesn’t match.


2. Treasure Chest by Barry M: £3: I applied this over my Lychee colour as it is a clear solution containing glitter. The amazing thing about this nail varnish is that it’s made up of gold flakes which have a gorgeous shine to them. I applied two coats to make sure that there was plenty of coverage on the the nail and then used a clear top coat to set everything in place (as the sharp corners of the flakes looked like they could easily catch on something).

IMG_12773. Rimmel’s Glitter Bomb in Disco Diva: £3.99: This has got to be my favourite out of all three looks and yet again Lychee was my undercoat of choice. Although it’s difficult to pick up on camera, there is this sparkly quality to the actual clear varnish which catches the light and causes your nails to shimmer. There are also gold sequin-like flakes that are dispersed every so often by the brush as you sweep it across your nail. When I have this on I can’t help staring at my hands!

Now this post does come with a slight warning; taking a glitter coat off can be a bit of a nightmare, nothing that some nail polish remover and a cotton pad can’t sort out but I do find it to be a hassle sometimes.

As for the brand of nail varnish, I usually end up buying Barry M just because their colour range is so incredible and I’ve used so many of their products in the past. If I do find a shade that I’m really in love with I will try to find an Essie equivalent as their varnishes tend to apply more smoothly and don’t become as sticky after a few uses.

I hope that this has inspired you to try out a neutral coloured glitter nail yourself, I will definitely be wearing mine until the last of the festive lights have been removed!


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