Essie Summer Shades & Jewellery Tats

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It’s March at last and I can’t help but feel excited for the summer! Metallic jewellery tattoos were seen at many festivals and clubbing holidays during 2015 and it looks like this trend will continue on into summer 2016 as more people learn about the product. You may have seen in my previous posts that I am currently working with Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos and one of the perks of this is having an endless supply of shimmering accessories to get creative with! I’ve paired a few of my favourite summer nail shades with some transfer tats that I particularly liked last year:

When it comes to nail varnish, Essie is one of my absolute favourite brands due to the quick drying, smooth and gloop-free nature of their formulas.  Now that winter is a distant memory and tanned skin is on the horizon, I ditched the rich reds and glittery golds in favour of some stunning shades that I’ve officially fallen in love with!

Sand Tropez – (£7.99):

essie 2 essie 1    

No nail varnish collection would be complete without a few neutral shades that are sure to suit any outfit choice. Essie’s Greige collection features many gorgeous neutrals but Sand Tropez has got to be my favourite. This sandy-taupe colour gives your nails a sophisticated and understated look that looks amazing contrasted with some bold black and gold designs from Bohemian Tattoo’s Rihanna collection.

Lilacism –  (£7.99):

 essie 3 essie 4

It’s all about the pastel nails once again this summer and Lilacism is a front-runner for me! This is one of those shades that you think will never suit you until it’s applied and then you never want to take it off again. The gorgeous light-lilac tone seems to accentuate your tan and looks absolutely stunning beside this statement piece from the Alexandra Aqua collection!

Mint Candy Apple – (£7.99):

11160660_368666973342105_4604535059091040808_n essie 6

The name of this nail varnish says it all! I think we can all admit that at some point we have been mint mad, and this shade from Essie reminds us why. For summer manicure perfection look no further than this little blue bottle paired with some silver henna inspired pieces from the Vandana collection.


Make Believe It’s Not February

It’s February and that winter chill doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We’re all feeling a bit pale and cold and desperate for some sunshine in our lives. Although a quick trip to paradise isn’t on the cards for most of us, that doesn’t mean we cant pretend we’ve been!…


I discovered MakeBelieve at The Clothes Show Live when I visited last year and was immediately  drawn in by the promise of a perfect self-tan product to see me through the winter. MakeBelieve is an independent family-run company based in the UK that seems to have a genuine passion for perfecting their products and impressing their customers. Their formulas have been developed over the past few years in order to tackle some of the issues that many of us have struggled with when using other self-tan brands in the past. Whether you choose the self-tan mousse, the mist spray or the lotion, you’ll get a gorgeous bronze tan without the patchiness. My favourite thing about MakeBelieve is that their products don’t have that unpleasant odour typically associated with fake tan, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like you’ve just eaten a packet of digestives and then jumped on the treadmill to burn them off!

I tested out the Mousse with Bronzer and Argan Oil and absolutely loved it. After leaving it to develop for about 6 hours and then rinsing it off, a beautiful summer glow was left behind. The addition of argan oil in the self-tan formula also meant that my skin was left feeling soft and moisturized.

If, like me, you can’t wait for summer 2016 then pick up some bottled sunshine from and discover the secret to a natural-looking tan in February!

Jewellery Tattoos & Little Ondine Nail Lacquer

When winter suddenly arrives and the icy weather forces us to cover almost every inch of skin, temporary hand tattoos are a great accessory choice! No hand tattoo would look complete without the perfect manicure to match and that’s why I’ve been testing out some Little Ondine nail varnishes in preparation for the frosty months ahead:
The first thing I fell in love with when I initially discovered Little Ondine was how individual their website is. Every colour comes with its own story, making each nail varnish feel unique and giving you an insight into the inspiration behind its creation. As well as a creative story, Little Ondine provides its online customers with a mood board and swatches for each colour. The swatches, in particular, are a huge plus point in my opinion as (I have discovered from nail varnishes in the past) the colour in the bottle isn’t always what you thought it would be once applied to the nail itself.
Exploring the website quickly made me realise Little Ondine’s passion for its product and this is reflected in the qualities of the varnish itself. Little Ondine nail Lacquers consist of all natural ingredients and (whilst also causing less damage) means that there is no chemical smell. Another great feature of this product is that when you are ready to remove your manicure, you can simply peel it off and start again!
I tested out three different autumn/winter inspired colours and got creative with some hand tattoo designs to finish off the look:
Smoky Mountain – ‘Rounding the bend of the trail, the next sight takes her breath away. Fog rolls off the smoky mountain as the sun shines through the clouds and burns away the dew. She inhales deeply, thrilled to be alive.’ : With this mid-grey colour, I embrace the gloomy British weather and have paired this sophisticated manicure with some golden tattoos which are always hugely popular during party season!
Sweet Liquor – ‘It was an amaretto-on-the-rocks kind of night. She spun the cap off the bottle and poured herself a glass of the fragrant almond liqueur. She cozied up with her drink and her latest magazine and enjoyed the sweet liquor, sip by sip.’ : This Mocha colour has slightly more warmth to it than my previous choice and I think it goes perfectly with a silver jewellery tattoo from the Vandana collection by Bohemian Jewellery Tatoos.
Enchanting ‘She stepped into the bar with beaming confidence and strutted straight to the counter. As she walked, all eyes followed. Her enchanting presence could not be ignored.’: For my final manicure, I was feeling festive and chose this metallic dark red nail lacquer. In the festive spirit, I couldn’t resist adding some finishing touches with this newly released white tattoo collection. The contrast of shimmering crimson nails beside detailed white jewellery tats is a new favourite of mine that I can’t wait to test out in the run up to Christmas!
With gorgeous summer brights and pastels, cool and festive winter tones and glamourous glitter nail lacquer’s all available at, make sure to pay their website a visit ASAP!

Say Hi to Thigh High

You’ve all seen them hit the high streets this autumn and have probably considered picking up a pair yourself, but what exactly would you style those thigh high boots with if you bought them? It can be tough to find the perfect outfit that will not only work with autumn/winter fashion for 2015 but ensure your thigh high boots are avoiding that Pretty Woman stereotype and remaining gorgeously classy.


I have created a few different looks using the same block-heel boots from Little Mistress to inspire your autumn/winter wardrobe!

A shirt dress or jeans (pictured above) are both great options to pair with your new footwear. The loose fit of the shirt dress balances out the lower half of the outfit whilst a pair of skinny jeans is an easy and effective option for a more casual look.


I love how this H&M jumper dress with on-trend cowl neck (above left) is the perfect length for thigh high boots and also a great choice for the frosty autumn/winter months ahead of us. Why not wrap up even more by layering this look with a trench coat or parka with fur trim? A jacket or blazer (above right) is a good alternative to a coat if you’re headed for a night out. This will keep the outfit dressy and sophisticated without being too exposing and looks stunning with a simple long sleeved bodycon dress.

And finally, my favourite look of all! I think these monochrome striped shorts from Lavish Alice are the perfect match for my Little Mistress thigh highs. As well as the jumper (H&M) providing warmth, the mustard colouring looks to be extremely popular this year and helps to draw the eye upwards, making the overall outfit appear more casual. If shorts and bare legs aren’t for you then change things up a bit with an A-line skirt or some tights in colder weather.

Wrap Up in Helen Moore

Whilst helping to exhibit at the Top Drawer trade show earlier this month with Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos, I discovered a brand that I think you’ll be seeing a lot of this year! As the air becomes colder and the days become shorter, last years winter coats and heavy knits have begun to replace the playsuits and floaty dresses that have remained at the front of our wardrobes over the last few months. I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that I have already started to scan the high streets and shopping websites in preparation for the colder seasons and there has been one thing in particular that seems to be a massive trend this year…


Faux fur already seems to be absolutely everywhere you look and I for one am ready for its embrace! Whether you’re after a cute cropped shrug, an eye catching scarf or a coat to keep you warm on those winter walks, Helen Moore has a massive range of designs that are all absolutely gorgeous.

This family owned and run company was started in 1982 and now exports to countries such as Japan, the US and Australia as well as stocking in multiple boutiques across the UK. Helen Moore stands for British quality and British manufacturing and operates their entire business in a small village situated between Dartmoor and Exmoor. Founders Helen and Stan are both art graduates and specialise in Fine Art and Fashion and Textiles. Their creativity is evident in many of the colourful items that they produce such as the vixen scarf and pom pom keyring pictured below.


Helen Moore is proud to admit that many of their design ideas come from both customers and staff. These ideas are then worked on and developed until they become a new product to add to the growing collection of garments and accessories that the company now offers!  As production gets under way, every component of the faux fur item is cut by hand so to achieve accuracy and perfection every time. A piece by Helen Moore can vary anywhere from £25 for a pair of wrist warmers to £175 for a gilet (pictured top right of this article).

You can expect to see me wrapping up in some cosy Helen Moore designs this winter and if you are just as in love with their products as I am, head over to the website to start your Christmas wish list early!

Rebecca Rhoades Clothing

Currently working at an independent boutique on the South Coast of England means that I am constantly surrounded by fashion and learning about new designers every day. There is one designer in particular that has become a favourite of mine due to the gorgeous prints and materials that she chooses to use:

Rebecca Rhoades is an independent London based fashion designer who has a passion for creating beautiful and unique garments for women of all ages. Rebecca’s designs have been featured in The Daily Mail and often appear at red carpet events due to her loyal following of fashionistas and celebrity clients (such as Lucy Meck and Billie Faiers).

Whether its because of the colourful choice of print, thigh high split or the sexy backless cut, a Rebecca Rhoades design will always stand out at whatever event you choose to wear it to. I love her choice of silky material for this summer’s range of maxi dresses, playsuits and halter tops and am extremely excited about the autumn/winter range that has recently been released!

Many of Rebecca’s garments can be worn in a multitude of ways making them versatile and easy to wear. With items typically ranging from £150-£200, this is occasion wear that will be sure to make you feel gorgeously glamorous so if you’ve got something special coming up, why not visit their website or Pushka Fashion on Facebook for a browse of her newest collections?!

My Favourite Mask For Clear Skin

When it comes to skincare, a trip to Lush is all that is needed to revitalise your complexion and restore balance to any problem areas. On my last few visits to Lush there has been one product in particular that I just cant resist and has been highly recommended by both staff in-store and customers through online reviews:
Mask of Magnaminty is made up of natural ingredients that cleans, calms and clears skin; perfect for those of us suffering from breakouts! Every ingredient packed into this little pot provides a different benefit, from the cooling and invigorating peppermint oil to the exfoliating ground aduki beans that help to lift away dead skin and unclog pores. One of my favourite ingredients included in Magnaminty is honey as this is a natural antiseptic that is perfect if you have any active blemishes and also has moisturizing qualities. The mistake that a lot of people make when recovering from a breakout is attempting to dry out the skin but once the wound has closed it is important to keep it moisturised in order to promote healing and prevent scarring and further breakouts caused by overproduction of oil.
Once applied, keep the refreshingly minty solution on for 5-10 minutes. For best results make sure to repeat this process once or twice a week to keep your complexion glowing and those pesky breakouts at bay! Judging by the almost-empty pot pictured above, I’ll be heading to my local Lush store very soon and I would highly recommend you to do the same!